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Walt's Frozen Head

“Having been in several ‘meat and potato’ indie bands the last thing I wanted to serve was a shepherd’s pie” explains Alfie Enzo, the batshit crazy brainchild behind Leeds band Walt’s Frozen Head. “Hopefully, this is more poached eggs and trifle”. Take that as you will, but it’s best seen as an explanation and ethos behind Walt’s Frozen Head, and the myriad facets that combine to make them what they are.


In theory, it shouldn’t work, on paper however…

Taking as much influence from The League of Gentlemen and Terry Gilliam as from ‘60s psych and avant-garde pop, the Leeds band are genuinely offering something different. The first example of which is a heady and hypnotic slice of tripped out garage rock in the form of the eponymously titled ‘Walt’s Frozen Head’.

‘Walt’s Frozen Head’ is just the first taste of things to come. Taken from the forthcoming ‘Bon Yeti Bon’ EP, you can expect to hear a lot more in the coming months. A descent into madness has never sounded so good.

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